Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a strong and potentially dangerous chemical that can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with skin. What should you do if HF is exposed to your skin? If you suspect that you have been exposed to HF, you should take the following steps immediately:

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Use Calcium Gluconate Gel

  1. Remove any contaminated clothing and jewelry.

    Immediately rinse the exposed area with water.

  2. Flush with Water

    Flush the affected area with water for at least 20 minutes. This will help to remove the acid and reduce the severity of the burn.

  3. Liberally apply Calcium Gluconate Gel to the area

    Apply a solution of 2.5% calcium gluconate solution to the burn. Massage into the affected area. This will help to neutralize the acid and provide calcium ions to the affected area, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation. until medical assistance is given.

  4. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    Hydrofluoric acid burns can be very serious and may require treatment with a special type of antacid and other medications to prevent further damage.

  5. Prevent further Exposure

    Protect against secondary HF exposure by destroying or sanitizing exposed materials like equipment, clothing, or the gel tube itself.

By following the procedures above the effectiveness of Calcium Gluconate Gel can be maximized. Each facility should modify the safety procedures for their use case of Hydrofluoric Acid, and ensure that the policy is well-known. It is also important to follow theses product instructions.

If you are working with Hydrofluoric acid, it’s important to be familiar with emergency procedures in case of an accident, including knowing where the emergency equipment such as eye wash, shower and calcium gluconate gel are located, and how to use them. Always wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and face shields, when working with HF.

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