Characterization of Crystalline Materials for Industry

X-Ray Diffraction can analyze man-made materials including organic polymorphs, (phase analysis or phase identification) as long as they are at least internally crystalline; this is of great value. In pharmaceuticals this can be the product of pure drug synthesis or of formulation. A large part of materials science products can be investigated using XRD. The method can analyze not only the over 5000 known minerals but a much larger number of crystalline man-made materials that Chemists, Materials Scientists and Engineers worldwide have produced for electronic, optical, semiconductor, laser and for pure research purposes over decades of work.

Price to Industry: Starts at $100 for basic service. Industry often asks for more detailed work and may therefore cost more, so please ask us.

Having been with Industry as Research Chemist for over 20 years I understand Industry’s concerns about confidentiality of data and the importance of prompt and reliable results.

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