Analysis for Mineral Collectors & Dealers

X-Ray Diffraction has long been the Professional’s method of choice for mineral ID but at the high cost that most laboratories charge it has been prohibitively expensive for mineral collectors and enthusiasts.

Our Mission  is to provide an affordable X-Ray Diffraction Service to identify simple materials

Pricing: $100 per sample for a detailed and interpreted report. We accept credit card, check or paypal.

XRD provides great clarity of results and is able to distinguish different structures even if the composition is the same (like calcite / aragonite). It will help a lot if you send us the clean mineral or tell us which part of the sample you are interested in. A fragment the size of a rice grain, or even half that is enough. The material will be powdered. We will email you the full report without delay.  The above shows the XRD pattern or “spectrum” of corundum  the mineral of ruby and sapphire. The report you get by email will show the spectrum as well as other information  and at the bottom the name of the mineral and its chemical formula.

The peaks characteristic of XRD appearing as vertical lines  of varying heights are the d-spacings or distances between planes of atoms in the crystal as measured by monochromatic X-Rays, the ULTIMATE measuring tool!

X-ray diffraction spectrum of a mineral sample with labeled peaks.

Detailed X-ray diffraction spectrum showcasing the identified peaks corresponding to the mineral sample.

To use our service, please send the sample or samples in a small plastic bag in a padded envelope or little package to the address below. Please email us first:  if you send it unannounced and we are travelling you would not know why we have not responded.

Attard’s Minerals
5081 Field Street
San Diego, CA 92110

Be sure you supply your address, phone and email address. We receive such envelopes from all over the world using postal service.

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We also offer Rare Mineral Species and The Rare Earth Elements to satisfy your scientific and mineralogical interests!

If you have any questions please call us at (619) 794-6875 or reach us by email at [email protected]