• Convenient “One Touch” or “Single Handle Operation”: Turn, Pump, Release
  • Rock to be trimmed must fit the 20 cm (8 in) horizontal space
  • Hydraulic unit is on top rather than below, prevents rock debris falling into seals and causing hydraulic fluid leakage
  • 3 ton capacity
  • Total height 35 cm (14 in)
  • Total weight 12 kg (28 lbs)
  • Max distance between chisels 11 cm
  • Extra chisels available

Trimmers will last years or decades if used properly, but should not be overloaded or they will fail even when new. As a result of the possibility of this kind of misuse they carry no warranty whatsoever! (Someone destroyed a new trimmer by holding a competition of who can crack the hardest rock, this was in a college where the department came up with funds!).

Trimmers are designed to trim mineral specimens not cantaloupe-sized pieces of rock. If a stone is too large use the tile saw first. All trimmers are tested before shipping.