For deep cleaning of minerals, jewelry, fossils, removal of polishing oxides from cracks after polishing jobs…you name it.

These water-guns are as powerful as water-guns get and much less expensive from us due to our buying them in volume. Parts are available at short notice. Adjustable head: jet or spray to suit the work you are handling. We ship worldwide: please specify voltage. Rough handling including uninterrupted use to the point of overheating, or dropping it voids the 30 day warranty. In normal use it lasts a long time.

We stock only the 220V units as the much less expensive 110V units are easy for anyone to get.

We check all water guns physically and electrically to make sure they are in good condition before shipping and we return those that do not pass our tests. All of our water-guns are NEW (not refurbished).

A water gun can easily pay for itself in a half a day in terms of the improvement of mineral specimens.

Consider buying a spare nozzle in case it gets clogged with some particle from the water or metal from the mechanism. $25 if bought with the gun, $32 if separately.

220 Volt Units